Bubble Gum soft play package

Bubble Gum soft play package

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Our Bubble Gum soft play package is a versatile soft play that you can set-up it in any place specially when yo do not have enough space. It also looks really great in any banquet hall, party room or at home. Its beautiful colour allows it to adapt to each environment without losing its elegance.

The rental price will be for 6 hours.

We provide playground equipment which includes:

  • Climbing soft play
  • Pit Balls with pink and green light balls
  • Foam mats
  • 2 Rocking animals

Important Note:

If there is any possibility of rain, we require to have a professional tent or have a plan B to do the set up inside. If not, our staff will have the right to refuse to do the installation. In case that we arrive and we are not be able to set up due to rain, we keep the deposit as a payment to pay the labour.

Face painting is not allowed in our equipment. If our bouncy castle is stained $500 will apply to remove it.

Our last pickup will be at 8:30 pm. After that $85 extras will apply.

For earlier setup between 7:30 to 9:00 am $85 will apply.

Prices are subject to change without notice.