Delivery and Set-Up Policy

The lessee/customer grants the right and has the right, to grant Mimi Pop Entertainment Group Inc. to enter said property for the delivery and pick-up of equipment at the approximate specified times.

Rentals that are set up on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt must be closely watched to prevent their moving. If the equipment moves off the provided tarp, damage or staining may occur on the underneath of the unit, which could result in damage/cleaning/loss fees.

Mimi Pop Entertainment Group Inc. reserves the right not to perform outdoor engagements when, in Mimi Pop’s judgment, weather conditions would be detrimental to the equipment and/or safety concerns for the Lessee. This includes but is not limited to wind, rain, or mud. A suitable indoor location should be reserved as an alternative site in the event of poor weather conditions.

No refunds will be awarded, if (at the time of delivery) the structure does not fit in the location.

The Bouncy castle has to be setup at least 1 metres and half away (5 feet) from any structure such as wall, fence, trees, branch, lamp, bulb, camera, reflector, cable, ceiling or anything that can damage the bouncy castle. If it does not fit in your place will not be able to setup it and the full amount have to be paid. 

Mimi Pop Entertainment Group Inc. staff makes sure that the structures are delivered in excellent working conditions, and we require the client's signature upon arrival documenting the shape of said items (should there be any tears, cuts, electric malfunctions, etc.)